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Storm Control x Punchestown Girl | d bk | DOB: Jun-2017 (3 years 0 months)
Trained by: C S Fereday Owned By: Sunday Racing Club
How many Races: 21 - How many race wins: 6 (Win percentage : 28.57%) - How many Trials: 11 - Best Grade: OR
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Siblings (gbgb only that ran recently):
Dog NameSexBornColourSireDamRacesWinsStrike RatePrize moneyBest Grade
Tommys StormdJun-2017bdStorm ControlPunchestown Girl25416.00%£1720OR
Tommys DreamdJun-2017bkStorm ControlPunchestown Girl10110.00%£640OR
Tommys ControldJun-2017bkStorm ControlPunchestown Girl21628.57%£3095OR
PunchestowntigerdJun-2017bdStorm ControlPunchestown Girl21419.05%£773A2

Races and Trials:
DateTrackDistanceGradeTrapSectionalPosition Winner or 2nd Dog CommentsWeightWin TimeGoingPriceCalc TimeRace ResultsMeeting ResultsVideo
02/06/2020Monmore480T3604.321Tommys CodyVeryQuickAw,Wide,ALd34.828.96-5028.46VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
23/05/2020Monmore264T361Droopys CollarQAw,MidTW,RanOn35.615.65-2015.45VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
14/03/2020Monmore264D156Tip Top TitanMsdBrk,BadlyBlk135.115.68-204/5FVIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
07/03/2020Monmore264D151Bentley CrewQAw,MidToWide,ALed35.415.475/4F15.47VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
29/02/2020Monmore264OR51Pull The TriggerQAw,Mid,CameAgainNearLine35.515.51-203/115.31VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
18/02/2020Monmore264D141Shaneboy BattQAw,RanOn35.215.305/4F15.30VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
08/02/2020Monmore264D142Final MoonEP,Crowded1,RanOn34.915.369/4F15.46VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
01/02/2020Monmore264OR52Droopys ReelEP,Crowded134.815.0616/115.50VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
24/01/2020Monmore264D141Tip Top TitanVQAw,ALed34.715.199/4JF15.19VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
18/01/2020Monmore264D132Delboys CabraCrd1&RunIn34.415.7411/10F15.80VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
11/01/2020Monmore264D142Ardera JadeMid,FinWell34.415.451/1F15.51VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
04/01/2020Monmore264D133Towstar CiaraCrd234.415.4709/415.65VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
19/12/2019Monmore264D133Shaneboy LincolnEP,Mid,FcdToCk134.015.596/4F16.02VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
26/11/2019Monmore264D132Cash PointMiddle,EveryChance33.715.461/1F15.50VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
09/11/2019Monmore264T221TimingtoateeEP,LedRunUp33.615.41-1015.31VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
25/10/2019Monmore210T111Middle34.512.45-1012.35VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
31/08/2019Monmore264OR12Minor CertEP,Crowded1&234.915.257/215.55VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
15/08/2019Monmore264T121MiddleToRails35.215.43-1015.33VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
09/08/2019Monmore264T121MidToRails33.515.45-515.40VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
15/06/2019Monmore480A1404.426Samba ElcaMsdBrk,EP,Crd335.428.594/128.95VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
26/05/2019Henlow460OR303.766Algo For YouEP,Crd134.428.153/128.64VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
21/05/2019Henlow460T1203.901MidStt34.328.40-1028.30VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
11/05/2019Monmore480OR204.445Calzaghe AlfieQAw,CrdRnUp&1& 1/434.428.4704/129.07VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
27/04/2019Monmore480OR204.421Droopys CruiserQAw,LedTo3,RanOn34.428.8407/228.84VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
20/04/2019Monmore480A1104.422Droopys AussieQAway,LedToNrLine35.228.3603/128.47VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
13/04/2019Monmore480OR104.512Droopys CruiserQAw,FcdToCk&Crd335.228.49-2010/128.78VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
30/03/2019Monmore480OR104.541Sonic SpurLedNearLine35.328.6205/228.62VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
25/03/2019Monmore480A2304.483Premier WolfQuickAway,EveryChance35.528.71-106/4F28.78VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
11/03/2019Monmore480T3204.431Swift FabioQAw,MidToRls,ALed35.228.96-3028.66VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
06/03/2019Monmore480T3104.481Timaru BluefogALed,Middle35.529.31-6028.71VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
22/02/2019Monmore264T231Final BoyQAw,Mid,ALed34.915.66-1515.51VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
07/02/2019Monmore264T131RlsToMid33.715.94015.94VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING

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