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GREYHOUND-RESULTS.COM - DOG SEARCH - Marys RoddickDogs Name: Marys Roddick

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Droopys Roddick x Mary Kate Pats | b bk | DOB: Jul-2018
Trained by: H Grimshaw Owned By: Mr H Grimshaw
How many Races: 8 - How many race wins: 1 (Win percentage : 12.5%) - How many Trials: 4
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Siblings (gbgb only that ran recently):
Dog NameSexBornColourSireDam
Sword DancedSep-2014bkKinloch BraeMary Kate Pats
HandinyourgundSep-2014bkKinloch BraeMary Kate Pats
Words Of PeacebSep-2014bkKinloch BraeMary Kate Pats
Wraysbury ActbOct-2015bkwTullymurry ActMary Kate Pats
Irenes ActbOct-2015bkwTullymurry ActMary Kate Pats
Ushers MollbOct-2015wbkTullymurry ActMary Kate Pats
Rumble RockydOct-2015wbkTullymurry ActMary Kate Pats
Frosties ElsabOct-2015wbkTullymurry ActMary Kate Pats
HesthebesttrumpdOct-2015bkTullymurry ActMary Kate Pats
BallomaltdJun-2017bkDroopys JetMary Kate Pats
Shut Up VinnydJun-2017bkDroopys JetMary Kate Pats
Bombay QueenbJun-2017bkDroopys JetMary Kate Pats
Dark PaddydJun-2017bkDroopys JetMary Kate Pats
Marys RoddickbJul-2018bkDroopys RoddickMary Kate Pats
Oldinn IrenebJul-2018bkDroopys RoddickMary Kate Pats

Races and Trials:
DateTrackDistanceGradeTrapSectionalPosition Winner or 2nd Dog CommentsWeightWin TimeGoingPriceCalc TimeRace ResultsMeeting ResultsVideo
19/03/2020Sheffield280D454Coney CalypsoMid,QAw,Ld-227.716.495/216.69VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
12/03/2020Sheffield280D443Sullane MarkMidWide,Ld1-RnIn27.716.857/4F16.89VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
03/03/2020Sheffield280D453Our Sure DreamMidToWide,EveryChance27.316.537/116.73VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
24/02/2020Sheffield280T333Stop The MusicMid,FcdToCk127.116.77-2017.00VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
18/01/2020Sheffield280D343Cunning VicMid,EvCh27.916.523/116.74VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
06/01/2020Sheffield280D451Geelo SolaceMiddle,Led 1/227.816.8507/4F16.85VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
26/12/2019Sheffield280D445Free CommanderMid,Crd127.516.7803/117.26VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
09/12/2019Sheffield280D453Siberian OrbitMid,EvCh27.216.806/117.00VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
25/11/2019Sheffield280D445Free CommanderMid,EvCh27.616.942/117.30VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
18/11/2019Sheffield280T332Heathlawn FlashMiddle,Crowded127.716.82017.10VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
11/11/2019Sheffield280T332Coney CirocMidToRls,EvCh27.516.99-1016.95VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
31/10/2019Sheffield280T151Middle27.916.88016.88VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING

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