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Romeo Recruit x Fandango | b bk | DOB: Sep-2017 (2 years 9 months)
Trained by: S Harms Owned By: Mr S Harms
How many Races: 5 - How many race wins: 1 (Win percentage : 20%) - How many Trials: 14 - Best Grade: A5
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Siblings (gbgb only that ran recently):
Dog NameSexBornColourSireDamRacesWinsStrike RatePrize moneyBest Grade
Type One BellabNov-2015bewDroopys JetFandango26519.23%£1174A2
Tullymurry TigerdNov-2015bdDroopys JetFandango20735.00%£3086OR
Springberry GembNov-2015bdwDroopys JetFandango291034.48%£1649OR
Springberry BluebNov-2015beDroopys JetFandango271348.15%£1669OR
Savana MarybNov-2015bkDroopys JetFandango381128.95%£2170OR
Rockmount MikeydNov-2015bebdDroopys JetFandango7228.57%£267A3
Random GamerdNov-2015bdDroopys JetFandango17423.53%£672A2
Tullymurry BlakedNov-2016bkLaughil BlakeFandango651827.69%£3016D1
Tullymurry AimbNov-2016bkLaughil BlakeFandango44613.64%£1830A3
Towstar CiarabNov-2016bkLaughil BlakeFandango28932.14%£3230OR
Black HurricanedNov-2016bkLaughil BlakeFandango471736.17%£3745OR
Bit View SassybNov-2016bkLaughil BlakeFandango541120.37%£3660OR
Bit View NickdNov-2016bkLaughil BlakeFandango7114.29%£350D5
Bit View MurphydNov-2016bkLaughil BlakeFandango13323.08%£662A1
Loggies RaquelbSep-2017bkRomeo RecruitFandango1218.33%£556B4
Loggies MarlenebSep-2017bkRomeo RecruitFandango5120.00%£162A5
Juliet RecruitbSep-2017bkRomeo RecruitFandango30413.33%£1082A7
ElmalogloudSep-2017bkRomeo RecruitFandango43818.60%£2221D3
Bit View NancybSep-2017bkRomeo RecruitFandango571017.54%£2841A4
Bit View LisabSep-2017bkRomeo RecruitFandango2514.00%£973P4
OhtherelassbSep-2018bkBallymac VicFandango4125.00%£260A7
FandancerbSep-2018bebdBallymac VicFandango600.00%£200A7
Bit View GirliebSep-2018bebdBallymac VicFandango5120.00%£181A6
Baggios SecretbSep-2018bdBallymac VicFandango100.00%£33A6
Baggios QueenbSep-2018wbdBallymac VicFandango100.00%£33A7

Races and Trials:
DateTrackDistanceGradeTrapSectionalPosition Winner or 2nd Dog CommentsWeightWin TimeGoingPriceCalc TimeRace ResultsMeeting ResultsVideo
05/06/2020Towcester270T434JantonSAw,RlsTMid28.116.43-1016.83VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
28/05/2020Towcester270T323Rewind TurboRls,Crd128.216.511517.02VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
17/03/2020Swindon476T3104.241Cherry BlueRls,Crd1,LedRnIn27.129.39-2029.19VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
10/03/2020Swindon229T121Rls,SAw27.513.95-2513.70VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
18/01/2020Swindon476A5204.206Shes A PepperRls,FcdToCkW&Bmp127.128.894/129.92VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
11/01/2020Swindon476A7204.141Kay Tee DeedRls,Led327.828.905/4F28.90VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
04/01/2020Swindon476A7304.173Listen VickyRlsMid,Bmp128.029.345/4F29.48VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
26/12/2019Swindon476A7104.122Magical SaskiaRlsLedRnIn-VNrLn27.229.2604/129.27VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
07/12/2019Swindon476A7204.213Can't Blame KayRls,Crd3&RnIn27.029.755/129.99VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
26/11/2019Swindon476T3104.232Loggies BanditRls,MvdOff127.229.36-6029.24VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
19/11/2019Swindon229T121Rls27.413.97-1013.87VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
19/10/2019Swindon476T1304.211Rails27.729.57-2029.37VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
10/09/2019Swindon476T2404.111Loggies StellaRlsRnUp,Mid1,ALed27.229.35-1029.25VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
03/09/2019Swindon476T3204.131Loggies StellaRls,MvdOff1,BCrd27.729.37029.37VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
27/08/2019Swindon476T3204.141Orient OracleRls,MvdOff&Bmp127.630.10-2029.90VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
20/08/2019Swindon229T121MidRls27.314.22-1014.12VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
04/05/2019Hove490T3103.263Tallow FlyerSlowAway,Railed27.130.13-1030.31VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
27/04/2019Hove285T212Fahrenheit DazVerySlowAway,Railed27.216.94-517.81VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING
08/04/2019Hove285T141VSAw,RlsToMid,Green27.418.06-1517.91VIEW RESULTSVIEW MEETING

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